What are some companies that offer microdata services?

Some very well known and trusted companies that we use every day had switched over from the traditional data center to using the micro data center. Verizon cloud services are now available for customers now that they have switched over to a micro server. Verizon spent $14 billion in 2011 to make sure they had this available for large corporations, medium-sized businesses, and government agencies. It is also got the capability to connect to Amazon Web services, OpenStack, and Rackspace cloud stack.

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Another company that has upgraded to a micro data center is Redhat. This software company based out of North Carolina created a cloud computing platform called open shift using microservers. Red hat created this platform for users to be able to develop, host, and scale apps within the cloud.

Mozilla is another very well-known company that has also switched over to using a micro data center. This Company is the creator of Firefox Web browser and is able to support more than 400 million users.

Live stream happens to be another large company that made the swap to micro servers. This company provides live streaming video two different companies around the world including news sources. Lifestream switched because they wanted to improve their scalability for the future as well as reduce the amount of energy usage.

Rubicon has also switched from the traditional data Center to a micro server in order to have a quicker and easier add sale on they are buying and selling the platform. Six Rubicon has billions of transactions each month the microserver will let them properly maintain each one.

Some other large companies that have switched over to using microservers are also Netflix and eBay.